New voice and breath in business

Generally company manufactures its production planning and Business dynamics on the basis of “Demand and Supply” suggested by “Distributor” and it is activated by the approval of “advance” payment. In this case company assures to get “profit” without risking and “losses”. Attention: Here is an “Advance” payment being the onset financial investment and one part of “Business Impact Power”. Obviously, financial investment which is supplied by Financial Owner of Distributor and paid to Manufacturer forms “Business Impact Power” and organizes main principles of Business Dynamics.

Your armoured doors, locks and keys will be safe!

It is not secret that because of economic crisis and failure of some banks, amount of the money saved “under pillow” is getting increased. Even the best financiers of present time emphasize their suppositions regarding the burglary and offer the people to make a saving money deposits in banks. Thereby for the purpose of right protection of “inhouse” amounts and valuables the Director of “Teknur” LLC Firuz Atakishiyev recommends...

We are here – for your right choice!

There is no difference whether it is home, enterprise or organization, the first opinion about the building starts from the doors. “Teknur” LLC is known as the supplier of high-quality and long-term endurable automatic doors in Azerbaijan.
The Director of the Company Firuz Atakishiyev considers that the client should be excessively accurate during the selection of gates or garage doors, in the meanwhile automatic devices and equipments which are controlling these units. Thereupon our readers are welcomed to get acquainted with our interesting interviewer.