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There is no difference whether it is home, enterprise or organization, the first opinion about the building starts from the doors. “Teknur” LLC is known as the supplier of high-quality and long-term endurable automatic doors in Azerbaijan.
The Director of the Company Firuz Atakishiyev considers that the client should be excessively accurate during the selection of gates or garage doors, in the meanwhile automatic devices and equipments which are controlling these units. Thereupon our readers are welcomed to get acquainted with our interesting interviewer.

– Automatic opening and closing of the gates and doors have already become an ordinary action for everyone. In general how is the automatic gate operated?

– The foundation of the automation is occurred by the end of 1960s. People successively applied this technical evolution which preserves for the comfort of their life style, progressively developing its functioning fields accordingly, and as a result automatic controlling of the gates and doors has become a necessity. Appearance of these devices and gears necessitated the remote control of the gates and doors in any weather condition without leaving the cars. The best developers in this sphere were Italians and currently Italy is the leader in the world possessing more than 300 companies. Integrating the achievements of the exact sciences new technological equipments are applied as described herein: In the distance of 50-150 meters towards the garage, doors or gates special commands are given by the remote controlled action or devices and subsequently the devices connected to the gates are automatically functioning.

The receiver gives opening command via regulating brain to the gate or garage doors subsequent to receiving the signal. Alerting and insuring gears and other devices installed on the doors provides the safe and free entrance of your car into side. After the entry of the car the gate or the door is automatically closed by selecting the appropriate mode.

– In this case the main issue involving the safety of the door becomes substantial. How safe is the automatic door?

– This issue should be accurately disputed. Inappropriate selection of the controlling devices for automatic doors or existing gates, or its low-quality, and insufficient installation can be resulted in real dangers for human health, in the product itself and nearby objects.

– In addition in many developed countries feeding electric intensity which is one of the main safety parameters of automatic gates is especially considered. In this case the most important prerequisite is that the automatic devices are operated by 24V. We offer the latest and present-day automatic units and explain its preferences in detailed form to our clients. Regrettably, by the reason of the price there are customers that prefer the units operating in 230V. Whereas engines that are operated in 24V is first of all economical in viewpoint of electric energy, and in addition provided by the application of alternative electric suppliers intensive processing is guaranteed.

– Which other type of accessories is offered by manufacturing companies with regard to automation?

– Concurrently manufacturing companies offer alerts, insuring devices, safety locks, regulating brains and other accessories along with automatic units. Consequently I can absolutely claim that “Teknur” LLC provides proper operating equipment and owns maximum range of variety. For instance, if the gate is opened in outward direction we install special gear underground. In case if there is a car outside the gate, it will not operate even if the exact command is given. Our aim is that people could take benefits from automation excepting damages!

– Which type of garage doors, gates and or industrial automatic doors are ultimately practical in comparison to others?

– The utmost distributed and advantageous garage and or industrial doors are sectional doors. Additionally I would like to underline the automatic X-doors, production of which has been implemented by Our Company by first time in Azerbaijan. These doors are functioning in almost all probable weather conditions and moreover are unequaled for the few-storeyed city building yards and villa entrances. Simultaneously, double open or sliding gates or service doors prepared from the material of sectional garage doors are among the hot sellers. By the way it would be convenient to announce that “Teknur” LLC is also presenting appropriate accessories and parts intended for preparation of these types of doors to the market.

– And what about the best automatic devices for doors and garages on which “Teknur” LLC rely?

– We are cooperating with Italian company “CAME” already about 18 years. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic units for gates and doors possessing great portion in world mark. Taking into account the main technological and structural requirements of local climate, production and safety automatic units manufactured by this Company is inevitably suitable for our market. I would recommend the customers to consult with qualified specialists prior to making decision in order not to be mistaken.

– Is it possible to say that smart doors for smart home already exist?

– Generally evaluating the tendency, we can say that the introduction of “smart home” model is closely related to the progress of the automation. Observing the automation comfort during the operation of doors people wills to automate lightning, heating systems, irrigation, video display, etc. Interest originated from remotely operation opportunity of energy suppliers encouraged the specialists to invent new automatic units. And it is periodically transmitted to “smart home” conception and caused its formation. I have to remark that this orientation is also included to the activity plan of “Teknur” LLC.

– Evidently you would not deny if I say that we – Azerbaijanians love comfort. And what about the interest range of our citizens in automatic opening and closing of gates and doors?

– I have observed long period of progress history of automation in our country. I can say that Customers who previously doubted these systems nowadays orders their garage doors by 90% automated. It is already 18 years that “Teknur” LLC is installing the automatic doors and looking through this time period we have satisfied a number of clients which have already forgot about us. We ask after our clients periodically, get interested and we often hear that: it is operating and we do not have any problems. We are very pleased that we have become a family member of our clients. One of the interesting events happened in the period of opening of Central Bank. They needed double automated device with special control mode and entirely investigating the market they made decision on our company. We implemented the order with the assistance of our specialists. As already 10 years passed from that date we carefully asked whether the unit requires technical service or not. The answer was positive and they said that the unit operates excellently and there is no need for any technical service. It was really a great success for us.

– It is interesting whether that unit was installed by our specialists or you had to appeal to Europe?

– Good question. Certainly automatic units and accessories were brought from Europe, but mechanical parts were prepared with assistance of Azerbaijanian engineer working in Machine-Tool Construction Plant situated in Bilajari settlement. During the Sovet period we had qualified staff in technical field. Regretfully their experience and knowledge is not applied nowadays. We employed local specialists in this project. I have to emphasize that local specialists do not fall behind the foreign specialists and we have to appreciate them.

– In which strategic projects “Teknur” LLC has participated?

– Every order suggested by our clients has strategic significance. Equally important I can proudly inform that automation project of car entrances, exits, gates and garages of President Administration and Parliament buildings was executed by our Company. It would be excessively long list if I named them one by one, but one thing is undeniable that we are the leader company in this field which has continually proven its potential. As a conclusion, I can say that there is existing parking problem in our own Baku. And accordingly barriers used for controlling of entrance and exits of yards, general garages under the buildings, parking is one of the utmost essential elements for this purpose. We are the participant in implementation of this project which is considered to be very strategic for our city. We are in our valuable customers’ disposal with barriers (turnpikes) made of stainless steel (so to say, only “stainless steel” barriers are estimable and suitable for our legendary Baku surrounded by Caspian Sea) possessing remarkably attractive design and a great range of variety and also seizing economic value of the brand “CAME” with 10 years warranty.
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