Your armoured doors, locks and keys will be safe!

It is not secret that because of economic crisis and failure of some banks, amount of the money saved “under pillow” is getting increased. Even the best financiers of present time emphasize their suppositions regarding the burglary and offer the people to make a saving money deposits in banks. Thereby for the purpose of right protection of “inhouse” amounts and valuables the Director of “Teknur” LLC Firuz Atakishiyev recommends:
Select your armored doors, locks and keys safely!

- What is meant by conception - active and passive Security and Safety systems?

- Security and Safety systems are partially divided into two groups: Active system – is a group of elements and devices, which are capable to transmit information about the occurrence to the points that can be influenced during any interference and/or efforts, to observe suspicious screenshots and to send warning alarms in purpose of rescue and defense. Please pay attention, even if the neighbor who is accidentally in the place of event will attempt by “movements”, he would be considered as an element of active security system, too. Passive system – is a system of Security and Safety, which furnish loyal resistance to efforts and interference. It includes walls, armored glass, armored doors, locks, keys, etc... If there is an interference to the house or area the target is robbery of valuables, cash amount, protected data. Entirely by choosing more secured doors and locks in your passive security system, you will guarantee the prolongation of interference period and it will result in target failure of “unwished quest”.

Definitely, integration of these two systems is much more reliable, however if the active system is not existing or is weak, owner have to use more secured passive system elements: armored doors, locks, keys.
- Please give information about armored doors, locks, and keys which are sold in present-day market
- Providing detailed information I have to say that in spite of combined work of armored door, lock and key, each item has its own durability level in accordance with world standards and rates.

With respect to direct admissions of manufacturers, I have to mention that:

• Armored doors with a single cylinder key, manufactured in China that cost 100-120 USD in present-day market or another product that cost comparatively more expensive manufactured in Malaysia - durability level of this type doors equals to “0”. Interesting situation: Please pay attention – Cheap Chinese door of “0” level is very suitable for temporary usage by one or more times during repair! Nevertheless, if someone accepts this or other similar door as a “door” for exploitation, they agree that “unwished quest” will be inside for max. 0÷8 seconds.
• Another active member of present-day market - armored doors manufactured in Turkey: As a door and lock, they do not turn over the level III, and as a key level I-II. As these doors are made of corrugated steel sheets with max thickness 1.5 mm and equipped with low-quality security systems, they can endure the interference of “unwished quest” for max. 10÷35 seconds.
• Another armored door manufactured in Israel: as door, lock and key it is characterized by level III+. Although, it has some advantages in comparison with its forerunners, its main insufficiency is – single lock system and impossibility of second lock installation. These doors can endure the interference of “unwished quest” max 10÷45 seconds because of low-quality security system.
• Armored doors manufactured in Italy: As a door, their durability level is not more than III, but their locks are max in IV level. Possessing a weak key and security system, and made of 1.5 mm corrugated steel sheets, these doors can endure the interference of “unwished quest” max 10÷55 seconds.
• Armored doors which are heritage of “Sovet period”: It turns out that these doors are in VI level as a door, but their locks are in “0” level. Other insufficiencies of these doors are: air leakage, soundproofing, bad-looking design, doormat passage becomes rusty… Interference of “unwished quest” lasts 0÷10 seconds due to lock and hinge. Above-described analysis already points that, if we eliminate the insufficiencies of “Sovet” heritage armored doors that can be produced in local manufacture and equipped with “impassable” locks we will acquire: alternative door by VI level door durability and VI (sometimes VI+) level lock and key system that will delight everyone.

Very important advice: bestselling products, which are manufactured by foreign brands, glittering and attractive is not considered a durable and secure product!

- What is the difference between lock and key? In which way does the “unwished quest” enter into our apartments and houses?

- Lock is a mechanism that is blocking the moving wing to the frame that is fastened to hollow. The key is an instrument which realizes this function of the lock. Locks should be operated by one or two keys, in some cases by 3 keys. Locks are distinguished for their resistance to opening and durability during the opening by force, mechanical pressure, special opening instruments, drilling or piercing. Particularly, the key is an active part of our everyday life. Key selection method in house burglaries happens when we lose the control over our keys. Insidious people whom we trust our keys interfere in the security system of our door whereby making copies by folding the key in plasticine and the process is getting simplified. Therefore, the key should be safe and durable against duplicate making and key selection method. For this reason, I recommend the clients to take advices of qualified specialists during the selection of your armored doors, lock and keys, instead of following on purpose advices of people “speculating” in market, selling doors at shops or workshop masters.
One more important note: the armored door, lock and key that you have chosen must put together all three below-mentioned functions:

• Resistance against vandalism
• Durable against “unwished” professional
• Suitability for long-term exploitation.

- Majority of people are faced the fact by already selecting their armored doors, locks and keys. What do you recommend them?

- It is very interesting question that is asked in right moment. I would like to give an answer based on the knowledge and researches that I was able to acquire during my travel to United States – when I was in Massachusetts State I paid attention that there is not any armored door or any other fence except the striped hedge for keeping the herd of horses in this area! I profoundly thought over this situation and taking into consideration our native Baku and other places I decided to ask the inhabitants: Is this situation the same in all American States or not? The answer was: NO, in direction to southern states the height of the fence is growing up to 5 meters and every house is secured with a firm armored door. Accordingly, it is already clear that as we are considered being people of wealthy country and as we have something valuable belonging to us or our family members we have to fight against vandalism, our country borders are open for “unwished’ professionals: we have to strive for owning entirely reliable armored doors, locks and keys of best quality.

If you are temporarily or forcedly exploiting one of the above-mentioned low-quality armored doors:

• Try to arrive home for at least 10 minutes earlier.
• Benefit from our service – testing of armored door, lock and key system – which is conducted free of charge.
• Take your lock and key system under control
• Keep your protected data and valuables in closed places – safes.
• Save your financial resources in bank deposits.
• Change your low-quality security system as soon as you can
• Make a right choice during major repairs and/or new construction.

- Smart and magnetic keys are very popular nowadays due to their multi-functionality, durability and comfort. What can you say about these keys?

- Recent technological discoveries give us a range of opportunities for usage of electronics in doors and locks. Smart and magnetic keys – it is a controlled system possessing definite wave impulses. Smart and magnetic key systems is operating based on adjustment factor of information with the data transmitted by electronic waves. By the way, I have to mention that, when I was in Germany I visited one of the popular exhibitions. There I got acquainted with electronic smart key systems and it really arrested my attention. Nevertheless, when I visually observed in 4-5pavilions distance how this locking system is opened by magnet piece of physical size I got amazed indeed. In this way, I witnessed the poor reliability of this lock system. In association with the integration to smart home systems the use of reliable magnetic keys is possible, but I consider that simultaneously we should have an alternative secure mechanical key system as well. By the way, Italian company DISEC possess protective security systems including magnetic keys, and we are the official distributor of this company. You can achieve protection level of VI+ by applying these keys in your locks.

- Which famous companies’ products do you offer?

- Performing as “Teknur” LLC we are responsible for our products – armored doors, lock and key systems along with all other manufactured products of our company. We guarantee for their reliability. I would like to mention that the installation of the lock requires special competence. We improve our skills in this field and enlist our masters into trainings conducted abroad. Do you know that there is a special university department concerning keys and locks in USA? I have always thought that this field is a special science and my opinion revealed to be approved in USA. “CISA”, “ISEO”, “Mottura”, “DISEC” are the most popular brands in the world in this sphere and as “Teknur” LLC we are the official distributors of these companies in Azerbaijan. Our essential aim is to present high quality and trustworthy service for our clients.